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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Any suggestions for a free vpn that I could use? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allright the problem is fixed I have used https://windscribe.com/ as vpn tool and tested the telnet command and bingo! It was the internet provider that was blocking the connection. Thank you for your suggestions!
  2. Hello, I've bought and activation key for my WF-3720 but I can't activate the chipless firmware. I'm getting the error message: CHANGE USB PORT. CHECK NETWORK CONNECTION, MAKE SURE THAT PROXY IS NOT USED AND DISABLE FIREWALL.TRY AGAIN LATER. 10060) I've checked the internet connection and I can't reach the server. I've also tried a other internet connection but the same error. Is there someone who can help me with activating my WF-3720 chipless firmware? Is the server online and reachable? Kind regards, Kenneth
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