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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hello John, I help my friend convert his EPSON WF-7711 into chipless, Its all working great without any problems until the maintinance box empty, Now his unable to print, We've tried reseting the maintenace box using his resster but fail, also we try replace the maintenance box with OEM ones ffrom epson but still fail... Now we upgrade the firmware to original firmware so we can reset the maintenance box then restore it back to chipless afterwards, but our problem is EPSON software updater unable to give us the option of firmware update or no new versions of firmware is shown...  also we try to Update firmware though printer settings in the actual printer, But were unable to connect to the wifi as its always "Printer BUSY"... Is there another way that we can restore the firmware to the original firmware?? hope you respond.. thank you


  2. Hey John I forgot to update you... Yes my WF-7211 is now CHIPLESS, Im soo happy... thank you so much... I even made unboxing video plus CISS installatiion tuturial, my next video will be tutorial videos on how to make wf7211 chipless... 

    here my youtube channel.. "Sorry I speak TAGALOG on my videos its our native dialect in Philippines"



    Cheers... :D

  3. Sorry If Im annoying, I would just like to ask for the last time if there is already confirmed 7211 chipless firmware that already worked, and if yes how many are in your database have confirmed 7211 chipless activation... SOrry Im just realy carefull I'll be buying the printer this week... and still unsure if It will will work for chipless, as you know here in my country philipines caltridges t288 is very expensive and realy hard to order... Im planning to make the printer as sublimation Im just very carefull because i dont want to waste a very hard earned money for the printer...  and if the printer is unable to be downgraded to chipless it will become useless to me.. becasue there is also no autoreset chip available here in philippines, Please.. I hope you could reply with honesty... I hope you understand my situation... I saving my money for a long time for this printer... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Godbless...

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