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  1. Ok I'll be getting the printer this week... Hope it work flawlessly... Without error... Thanks...
  2. Good day john, so by saying 7210 and 7211 have common firmware you mean they share the exact same firmware?? Let say if I bought the 7211 printer today and try to downgrade to chipless and if it failed, can I send you a copy of my firmware for you to make a chipless from it??? I just want to clear things.. thanks.. and cheers
  3. Good day sir, How about the 7211?? Sorry I just have to be sure because if I cannot downgrade the 7211 that im about to buy, It will be unusable to me because i'll be converting it to Sublimation... If ever it wont work Is there still chance you can make another firmware?? thank you
  4. Sorry If Im annoying, I would just like to ask for the last time if there is already confirmed 7211 chipless firmware that already worked, and if yes how many are in your database have confirmed 7211 chipless activation... SOrry Im just realy carefull I'll be buying the printer this week... and still unsure if It will will work for chipless, as you know here in my country philipines caltridges t288 is very expensive and realy hard to order... Im planning to make the printer as sublimation Im just very carefull because i dont want to waste a very hard earned money for the printer... and if the printer is unable to be downgraded to chipless it will become useless to me.. becasue there is also no autoreset chip available here in philippines, Please.. I hope you could reply with honesty... I hope you understand my situation... I saving my money for a long time for this printer... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Godbless...
  5. Hellow I want to buy the WF-7211 as my sublimation printer, does the chipless firmware is already availble??? WIc.support said "Unfortunately, chipless firmware is not available for this model." last September 2019, its 2020 now hope chipless is availbe now
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