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  1. Hi John, I have bought the key but nothing coming in to my email. Can you please check? Thanks. The order no. is 20267626.
  2. Thanks John. Is this the key i need to buy and use? Will it expire? I mean this key will work as long as i do not update my firmware again, right? Thanks. https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=102&products_id=1814
  3. Hi all the staff, I have an Epson WF7620 that somehow accidentally got firmware updated in lately. We have a few users and someone might have done it accidentally. Now my CISS is no longer recognised and cannot print at all. I ran your tool and here is the current firmware, AD23K3 - 23/03/2020. Just a quick question. Will your tool be able to downgrade the firmware of my printer and fix this problem? I heard that Epson has disable the firmware downgrade feature. I want to make sure that this will work 100% before I pay for the firmware key. If it does not work, will you give me full refund? Thank you. Cheers,
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