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  1. Rats... I hate to report a new different problem.... Everything has been fine for these couple weeks. Mysteriously, a new problem popped up upon turning on the printer again today. The little XP-15000 screen says: "Printer Error | Turn on the printer again. See your documentation for more details. 033007" Obviously, I turned off the printer, and then back on again. Same 033007 error. I also turned off the printer. Unplugged it for a few seconds. Then plugged it back and powered it back up. Same 033007 complaint. I also reinstalled this new firmware. Installation goes smoothly. Upon finishing the final step of turning off the printer (without unplugging it) and turning it back on, it's the same 033007. Re-help again, please? Thank you!
  2. I had found the original Epson Firmware here: https://epson.com/Support/Printers/Single-Function-Inkjet-Printers/XP-Series/Epson-XP-15000/s/SPT_C11CG43201
  3. Hello, I'm back! Everything works flawlessly! I obviously don't know how you made it operate so smooth and perfectly now, but its performance is invincible. I pressed all the buttons, even pretended to change ink cartridges (just taking my CISS in and out), and it still kept going perfectly! Thank you very, very much!
  4. Thank you, wic.support! I will do it as soon as I can, and reply again!
  5. I have the same problem, printer error 031002. For Epson XP-15000. Windows 10. My printer is fresh, new from the box, with no modifications when this occurs. I think I have found the pattern as to when 031002 occurs. The error appears every time any Maintenance function is activated from the printer's little screen navigation. (I don't know about from Windows 10 Epson window navigation, I have not tried.) Even changing the ink cartridges will cause 031002. It appears with original Epson cartridges AND with FullColor CISS cartridges. Official Epson cartridges or 3rd party cartridges all create this error. I can delete the error by a long process of reinstalling the original Epson Firmware again. Then restarting the printer. Then reinstalling the Chipless EPFWUPD.exe again, following the instructions precisely. Then whichever ink cartridges are currently in the printer must stay in the printer. Any attempt to touch the Maintenance functions on the little screen to change the cartridges, or check ink levels, or check alignment, or check the printheads, or clean the printheads, will bring 031002 again. Then the painful process of starting over by reinstalling the original Epson Firmware must begin again. I did not see an option to buy a forever Activation Code, which I had intended to buy. Now that I know I need it to keep this current version of the Chipless EPFWUPD.exe functioning, is it possible to purchase "forever" for the extra $5 or $3 or whatever the difference is? I would also happily repurchase everything again if necessary if there is an update/fix/patch for this Error Code 031002. Thank you!
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