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  1. Head Cleaning through WICReset fixed the problem. Now i am able to print. Thank you for your help
  2. May be problem is its not able to clean nozzel with downgrade software. Nozzle cleaning with downgrade software takes one sec where as nozel cleaning with updated software takes more than 1 min?
  3. Today I bought epson high quality ink and tried with that, still its not working. Any suggestion? I am planning to return this printer now. How can i get refund for amount which i paid for activation key? Please help. Thanks
  4. This is what I bought. do you have any suggestions, which ink I should use?
  5. Hi, I have successfully installed firmware for EPSON WF-2860. I have installed new set of refillable chipless cartridges. Printer is printing blank pages now. I tried printer head/nozzle cleaning atleast 20 times but no luck. Any suggestion how can I fix it. My printer Firmware version is LQ17IA. This is where i got empty refillable cartridges:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Please Help.