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  1. Since you cannot provide solution and activation key is not working, I want a refund of 87.15 CAD. I will order regular ink cartridges, as this doesn't work. Please refund my money and sell the same activation key to somebody else, I don't need it anymore. Thanks
  2. Here it is: Serial:X3B6002987 ID Code: OoOkP2FeO4u8Kyc2wY0jsqgDjdqZF1j4ozej+YkSQDEwhBbE+OS5uvJIf1Q1khIAQAKA6nDB mytqa6Ixv0C36vMp4Ju8RuNqZoYk5nTDX3hFOkxDL0jYbKM2O7YYCCctHn+NIobqxx+WEn6L IwX/v9B+yflawkDqiNiUG67mMBk= Please share the solution
  3. I did everything exactly as instructed. After installing firmware checked firmware version using WIC utility and also in the printer menu, both confirmed that correct firmware is installed - CV14I9. When trying to activate I ran into the same outcome over and over again, as previously explained. Cannot get it through, despite firmware installed and having proper USB connection and shut down all mentioned processes before running Licence.exe
  4. Hi, I tried multiple times to activate my chipless firmware after installed on my Epson Workforce Pro WF-C5790. Attached is the screen shot of firmware installed , confirmed by using WIC utility, and error I get every time I ran the Licence.exe. I shut down Windows Firewall and all security options, as well as Bitdefender Antivirus completely, and disabled Internet option for any proxy connections. Still the same. Please advise what is the problem, because if this doesn't work, I need to buy regular cartridges soon, which are costly, and I want to avoid that. Thanks
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