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  1. Do you mean that only one transaction was carried out from my bank card on 10/19/2020?
  2. If I send you my bank account number and the IBAN number, can you make a list of the transactions that took place on the same date on your site? Regardless of which account you made the purchase from
  3. You can check this purchase, The amount 302.70 USD has been withdrawn from your card 5210***0785 by ,VAL'S FINANCE, WILMINGTO at 19/10 17:00 your remaining balance is 2.76 USD
  4. The problem is that I made a purchase on 10/19/2020 from my card , which ends with the number 5210***0785, and the amount was deducted from my account balance, but I did not recive the keys nor a receipt number for the purchase.
  5. and this Orders #197201 - - $99.75 - September 22 - have you received ?? yes bro I received this also
  6. Orders #197212 - - $299.70 - September 22 - 30 keys have you received this order ? yes bro I have recived this order
  7. I made two purchases on the same day, the first was successful and I received the keys, either the second one did not receive anything, and I don’t know if there was any error in the system or something else, but you can confirm the purchases that were made from my bank account and my bank card number
  8. You can be sure of the purchases made from the card that end with the number : 060785 HUSSEIN ALI MUTAR
  9. Brother, I made a purchase of 30 keys, but the process did not appear to me in the purchase history, and an email did not reach me with the purchase, and the amount was deducted from my MasterCard
  10. I have had a problem with the purchase Yesterday, I bought 30 keys and $ 299.70 was Discounted from my credit card with an amount of $ 3 in tax during the purchase process. The site told me that there was a failure in the payment process, But the strange thing is that your website deducted the amount from my card and did not get the keys. ***On the same day, I made two purchases, the first for 10 keys, and it was successful, but the second did not get the keys or receipt number for the purchaseز **Note I have two accounts on your site **I do not remember which account I made the purchase the first mail : thezenofen@gmail.com The second mail : smartsa00766@gmail.com *If you ask me for a bank statement, I can send it to one of the adminss
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