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  1. I ran the firmware update and the printer restarted as indicated in the updater (somewhere around 70% complete) however once restarted it went into the "change ink cartridge" screen, however I let the process continue. It got to 99% then stopped saying the update had failed, however when I checked the printer reported it was now running firmware version NW20I7 (as it should). So I applied the chip free license and after reboot it indicated all my tanks were now full, again as it should, so I went ahead and replaced my cyan, magenta & yellow OEM cartridges that are now empty with the 3rd party "compatible" ones it wouldn't recognize. After changing them it requested I perform a nozzle check which I did ...... and the page came out blank. I then tried printing an image ........ blank page. I tried a nozzle clean and the printer stopped mid process throwing up a '31002' error. I restarted and it now showed a "31005" error. I went through the firmware upload again along with the chip free license recovery and while it's not giving any errors now it's still printing "invisible" output!
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