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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. John, I cannot reply, my thread sall say "the thread has thrownan error, and I need to run an update tool in admincp to reset defaults" ???? I have no idea ??
  2. I was going through a thread, but you didn't reply and it now seems to have lapsed. It seems I wasn't using the correct USB port and will need to buy a cable in order to proceed any further. I asked about the chances of success with this new cable as I am very reluctant to spend any more money on this printer. So, I am asking again. Are you confident that this will work ?? thank you
  3. ok, I'm going to have to buy this cable, which will probably never be used for anything else, are you confident that it will work ?
  4. square to rectangulare, or square to USB, or square to square (phone) ??
  5. OK. I have 2 ports at the back, one is Square and the other is rectangular. I have a rectangular port on my PC. I connected the printer to the PC with a rectangular to rectangular cable, but the WIC screen still said that it was connecting by WiFi and saying that the printer was still not in update mode. I do not have a square port on my PC, do I have to use the squre port on the printer connected to USB or square to rectangular? Or do I need to disable wifi on the printer and use the rectangular to rectangular cable again ?
  6. the only USB port I have is on the front of the printer
  7. Also I did manage to get to the menu screen on the printer, but I cannot find any way to disable status monitoring, nor any way to enable usb connection there.
  8. I do normally use the printer by wi-fi. In your instructions (preparing for update/enabling usb ) It suggests using the printers settings. But I cannot get to the printers settings, I am stuck on a "cannot recognise ink cartridges" screen. I can proceed, but all I can do is take out the cartridges and put them back and come back to the same screen. If I use the laptop where the printer is set up, there is no maintenance tab, or any way to disable status monitoring. But, when I connect via the USB, the WIC software can identify the printer at first, but loses it when I put it into update mode. So I think the USB module is probably enabled. thanks, any ideas how to access setting via the printer ?
  9. Hi, I reset inkpad counters using trial Printer EP-807A doesnt recognise non legit cartridges, tring to get round this by downdating firmware. connect via usb, printer is in list of supported models, but will need to pay. put printer into update mode ok, (on button and left side of screen at same time) but when I click "update devices list" it tells me I'm not in firmware update mode ??? when I put into update mode the detected printers doesn't recognise my printer and I can't do anything without unplugging printer and restarting. Stuck in a loop ?? thanks in advance for any ideas. PS a wrning scrolls across the screen regarding fatal errors for my model (in Japan, where I am) saying that waste counters had been reset. So kind of assuming that even if I can locate an earlier version of firmware, I expect I'm still screwed ??? PPS. Will it work if I buy proper cartridges? I Hate to give the b****rds any more money, but I would really hate to give them more money and it still not work ???
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