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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. I've been using it as a cis print. I have experimented with 3 refill ic modules. They all show the same error. The chip doesn't seem to be damaged. Currently, the print has been uploaded with the firmware purchased from your company. Please tell me how to use the printer again. Before using the wic downgrade firmware I proceeded below. I reset the waste ink pad counter using adjprog.exe. Is this the manual reset you were talking about? Also, do I need to initialize using the above program? If the printer is broken due to downgrade firmware purchased from your company, we request a refund.
  2. How to manually reset the chip? I have now uploaded the firmware I purchased from wic. If I want to use the refillable ic again, do I have to restore it to the previous firmware? Or, if I buy a new genuine cartridge and install it in the printer, is it possible to use it as a printer with firmware that I purchased and uploaded from wic?
  3. I purchased the key and updated the firmware. But still the ink red LED lights up. What is the problem? It Indicates "ink out" but the ink is full.
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