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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Actually i cleaned demounted the prinhead and cleaned it very good and i use good ink The firmware definitely has issues: I refilled the black ink and next morning the ink was just "going away"! So there is definitely issue in firmware I simply cannot use the printer although i tried everything so please provide more steps
  2. And what is with the non existent text in menus?
  3. Yes i do have it. It was since i changed to your firmware..
  4. And i already cleaned the printhead twice and let all air out of system. Yesterday i cleaned the channel for the blue ink in the nozzle and it is open. Therefore it has to be in the firmware
  5. Can this be an error due to activation failure? That in the firmware there is stopped that one color ink flows when its not activated to avoid copies?
  6. I did this. When i went back to official firmware the text was missing as well... And then i tried to change it back to your firmware but the problem keeps existing.
  7. Unfortunately i cannot upload the image of the print quality.. But i can describe: There is no blue used. I think this might be an issue due to activation? I mean that in the Firmware there is some code that stops the printer from printing blue
  8. This is the main menu. When i go to the settings tab the following appears:
  9. Hello i purchased, installed and activated the chipless firmware (https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1848) for my wf-7720 dtwf. after the update i cannot see text on the printer's menu and stuff, just the symbols... In addition the print results are just bad. Do you guys know what the problem is? I have a CISS system installed but it is not the problem. cleaned the printhead twice now and let all air out of the system. This is clearly not the problem Thanks in advance :)
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