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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. I can't activate my epson c5290 printer, it gives error 10092, any solution? please contact me matiaszepp@gmail.com can you send me a new activator and a new firmware? CT14l9 is the firmware that my printer has
  2. ok I will, I have already done it and always the same error, I try one more time and show the results, thanks for the help.
  3. I am using the key that you sent me, which is this xxxxx - GWXWW-T7XX8-C3BHM-GT3P, (some characters are hidden) it is the only one I have, I send it to me by mp and to my mail matiaszepp@gmail.com
  4. Hi, I bought a chipless key for my epson c869r, and I cannot activate it, it always gives the same error 10091 communication failed, I have paid 110 usd I need the refund of the money, or the key functionality in my printer, I can not keep waiting, my chipless order # 23104092 my key is +++++ - GWXWW-T7XX8-C3BHM-GT3P. I need an urgent solution, I can't keep waiting please! I am from Argentina. my whatsapp number is +542664219779
  5. Yes, I already tried with another internet, with another pc without firewall, without antivirus and I couldn't, can it be done remotely? Do you have remote or WhatsApp support? por favor
  6. C869r work force order number 23104092
  7. When executing the license, it gives me a printer and firewall connection error, but I already have everything deactivated and I can't activate it, the firmware is already loaded in the printer, what could it be? help!
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