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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Top notch customer service right there. Thank you. I can understand you can't refund for these keys most of the time but I appreciate you taking the time to realize it just didn't work for my model with the report I was able to send from within the software. I'll be back for a waste tank reset key!
  2. Following up on my last message. Can I get refunded for the code since the code doesn't work for my printer?
  3. Hello and thank you for the quick information. Is it possible to get refunded for the key that is basically useless? I looked at the compatible model list and the 1430 is on there with no mention that it only works with units with the AO firmware - https://www.wic.support/supported-printers-models-list/ . That may be good to add there. I would have caught that before hand.
  4. I saw from reading other posts that you ask for a error report to be sent from the software. I just sent that report in case you need it.
  5. Hello I am trying to downgrade my 1430's firmware. I read all instructions and watched the how to video. I bought a key and went through the process. It said that the firmware was sent to the printer and to wait for it to process. I waited about 20 minutes because there was no obvious sign that the process was done. I then rebooted the printer and it now still shows the current firmware. Nothing was changed. What am I supposed to do now to fix this and what did I do wrong? The firmware I selected was correct for the Artisan 1430 and it ended in 2012.
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