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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

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  1. Hello John, I did follow the process you sent to me. Same Result. However, before we go to much further, I did check the current firmware version. Both the report button and a menu selection under "printer data" (current firmware version) both show the current version is Cl 30J5 30/05/2019. I attached a copy of the report below. Does this mean I can go ahead with step 5 and purchase the activation key? Mike K. Report For WF-3720.txt
  2. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Go through procedure for downloading replacement firmware. Gets to end 99% and get message "Firmware did not complete" Choice to "retry" or "continue". I try retry first = same result. Then run firmware update again and get same result and then I click on "continue" = Same result. File version being loaded is 30.74. CL99Z9. Fimware File =FWF469TL. Printer attached to desktop computer via USB cord.
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