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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Thanks. I noticed that there is a different Firmware now for my printer that is different(newer) that what I had downloaded originally. I used that one. Even though it did not "install without error" it did install and shows now in the display. The scanner error is now gone . Hope it stays that way....
  2. I had a scanner error 100016 that stopped every operation and made the printer useless. I decided there is nothing to lose so I updated Firmware to latest. ( CU24JA / 16 64CUN8) That worked but now I have an "install ink unit correctly " error of course as I am using the chip free tanks. Tried to go through the process of installing chipfree firmware again but printer won't take it. Tried 4 times. Not sure if it is due to ink out message. Any tips or advice? WP-C5710
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