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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware
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How can I check Reset or Firmware Key if it is used or no?

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If You want to check if the Reset Key is still valid - You can simply do it with WIC utility.

1. Run the WIC Reset Utility.
2. Go to MENU - > Support - > Check Reset Key or open Support Models tab and click on Check waste reset key button.
3. Enter Reset Key You want to check and click OK.

4. You can get information:

- USED Reset Key - date of key creation, date of use, printer model, IP address where key was used, Your current IP. That means You can not use it second time.

- UNUSED Reset Key - this Key has not been used - so it is valid and You can use it one time.

- DOES NOT EXIST - that means You enter wrong Key - maybe with mistake or You enter not a Reset Key - maybe payment transaction or sometning else. Get Reset Key in email from 2Manuals.com.






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