How to put WF-2860, WF-3720 in Program Update Mode

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You know - if You want to change (update/downgrade) firmware in Your printer - You can do it in 2 ways:

- in regular mode (requires OEM ink cartridges installed and had be NO errors in printer)

- in Program Update Mode ( can be performed without ink cartridges at all)


So here are 2 ways to put WF-2860, WF3720 Series printers in Program Update Mode:


1. Power OFF the printer.

2. Press touch screen Place A + Power button.

3. Hold them - 20 seconds!! until Blue Power Led is ON.

4. Release all. Printer is in Program Update Mode now.


Place_A.jpg Update_Mode.jpg


If Touch Screen Place A doesnt work (printer just switches ON in regular mode) - You have to use touch screen Place B:


Place_B.jpg Place_AB.jpg


Please watch here how to put WF-3720 printer in Program Update mode (Place B):



P.S. When You press Touch Screen and Power button - the Power Led has to be OFF for about 20 seconds. If It will start to flash in 2-5 seconds after you press - that means You have used wrong place to press on touch screen. Try other way.

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Buy a key for WF-2860. I already updated the firmware on the printer and I still haven't been able to activate it with the program maintenance box
WF-2860 and WF-7720 maintenance box not found   "Chip-less  Solution"  

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