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How does it work?

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Can someone please explain something to me.


I'm considering going chipless. I understand what that means, but the process confuses me.

Instructions say that I need to install a firmware that supports chipless printing. But what am I installing here.

Is it a standard Epson firmware that will work as per any other firmware, except that there's

an extra chipless option added that the licence.exe file activates. Or is it a totally non standard

firmware that could contain anything? I just would like to know what I am actually installing on my printer

before I try it.


And does the licence.exe just toggle a switch in the firmware or write something else to the printer?

I just want some idea of what I'm actually installing to achieve the chipless printing.

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Good day. Chipless firmware contains numerous changes in order to make chipless printing and activation prossible but other than that it will behave exactly as OEM firmware. License.exe will write information to the printer that boils down to flipping the switch to enable chipless option.

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