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  1. Good day. Before you can use recovery code to restore chipless functionality you need to reupload chipless firmware again. Chipless firmware has been erased after you uploaded official firmware version to the printer again and recovery code is just a string of data, it can not work by itself.
  2. Good day. This error (10088) means that activation key you entered is not exist or incorrect. Please, recheck email and make sure that you enter key correctly.
  3. read the first message in this topic.
  4. PrintSBY, Try to start the printer then open ink cartridge cover and close it again.
  5. Good day. I apologise, provided port number was incorrect, actual port is 20102, I tested it right now and was able to connect.
  6. Enzo, I could not tell for sure, sometimes Epson blocks older firmware versions in the new parties on the loader level. Unfortunately in can not be tested beforehand. elpik, please, select `support > send error report` in the main menu of the WIC, this will send application logs on the sever and I will check them.
  7. claws_lon, error 10060 means that application could not connect to the server. Server itself is working now so it`s more likely that it`s blocked on your side. Please, install telnet (standard windows utility) and try this command from console (telnet and also read this topic: https://www.2manuals.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80352-fixing-communication-error-with-the-server/ this one for WIC but the problem is similiar.
  8. Good day. Please, describe what exactly did you do with as much details as possible (including what options did you choose if applicable).
  9. JoeChan, check current firmware version via WICReset (report button) or in the printer settings. If it starts with the OR then firmware should be compatible.
  10. This issue almost always means that chipless firmware has not been properly loaded to the printer. Try to update firmware again and check all messages that you get during update process in the application then restart the printer and check firmware vesion in the WIC. Also, in very rare cases problem can be in the usb module/cord/port.
  11. Good day. In the wic select `support > send error report` this function will send application log on the server and I will check it.
  12. Solution: 1. Upload chipless firmware to your WF-C5790 printer from here - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1904 in Normal Regular Mode. It means You don't need to put printer in Program Update Mode before flashing firmware to printer. 2. When Firmware uploads completely - firmware version will be displayed on the LCD. Then press on CENTER of TOUCH SCREEN - printer will Turn Off. 3. Power ON the printer. Error 060008 will go.
  13. Good day. Can you elaborate, what exactly is happening (please, provide as much details as possible)? Also, what is current version of the firmware (you can check it using report button in the WIC)?
  14. Good day. Chipless firmware contains numerous changes in order to make chipless printing and activation prossible but other than that it will behave exactly as OEM firmware. License.exe will write information to the printer that boils down to flipping the switch to enable chipless option.
  15. Good day. Unfortunately, I do not think it can be fixed by software. According to the report, both last errors: 0x80EF Write parity error. Main board failure. Cable or FFC disconnection. 0x80E9 Blowout of a fuse (CRCM). suggest problems with the main motherboard, you need to replace it.
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