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  1. Good day, as far as I know you need to change decoder inside printhead. If you want software solution you need to use chipless firmware.
  2. We will need to test it further, I will write back as soon as I will have new information. Just to be clear, does reinstalling official firmware and replacing maintenance box then using chipless firmware again temporary helps until new maintenance box is full again or does the printer immediately stops recognizing new maintenance box once chipless firmware is installed again?
  3. Good day. It may be possible that printer updated firmware again automatically if it was connected to the network, please, check private messages.
  4. Good day. When chipless firmware is installed printer will not read data form cartridges and will show 100% ink levels with any cartridges or even without cartridges at all. Please, check current firmware version using report button in WIC, it must show AT12GC.
  5. This should be fixed now, please, restart both application and printer and try again. Make sure that all Epson processes are disabled.
  6. Good day. Please, try to install latest standard version then reset or replace maintenance box and make sure that it`s recognized by printer then download chipless firmware from the site again the reactivate it.
  7. Good day. 1. You can restore the printer using free recovery firmware from WICReset. 2. Unfortunately, chipless firmware is not available for this model.
  8. On chipless printer ink level indicator will always show 100%
  9. I see, unfortunately, there are no faster way to do this at the moment, if this is a serious obstacle you may consider continious ink supply system.
  10. Good day. I think there are some misunderstanding, because if you succesfully activated printer after using chipless firmware it should show full ink levels regradless of the state of the cartridges, in fact it will show 100% even without any cartridges installed. If this not happening then chipless firmware was not activated properly, in which case I need more information.
  11. If you installed and activated chipless firmare then the printer shoud show 'ready to prinnt' even without cartridges, please, describe exactly what you did in details.
  12. Good day. What error exactly it shows? Please, check printer status using `status` button in WICReset.
  13. Good day. Your key F8...21 has been restored.
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