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  1. I can connect to you remotely and try to sort it out, if it possible, please, send me your contact info via PM (skype or telegram).
  2. Please, replace USB cable and port and make sure that nothing else is communicating with the printer (disable all and any epson software including update center, participation program, all status monitors, etc).
  3. Good day. There are two versions of the firmware on this page, you need to use a new one: http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WF3720_FWF469TL_ZZ99Z9.zip and also try to update in normal working mode.
  4. Good day. Firmware for XP-240 has been updated, please, try to use new version: http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/XP240_FWF732TL_ZZ99Z9_2019.zip
  5. What is current version of the firmware on the printer?
  6. Do not install epson update center, only driver and also disable updates in the driver and on the printer itself (in the menu), anyway, even if you accidentally update firmware you can reactivate chipless mode by installing chipless firmware again and using recovery code (provided that you saved it during activation).
  7. This means that most likely chipless firmware has not been installed, please, check current firmware version using WICReset (report button).
  8. Good day. After activation printer will print regardless of what installed in the printhead, you can even force it ot print without any cartridges at all.
  9. I was mistaken, WF-3640 only supported by WIC, unfortunately, this means that we could not provide a solution right now.
  10. Actually, the link above dedicated to this exact question, short version is: when printer thinks that waste counters (representing maintenance pad) is full it will refuse to print, you need to reset this counters to enable printing again.
  11. Good day. As far as I know there are no chance that firmware can actually affect the printer in that way, if you saved recovery key you can test it yourself by reverting firmware to the original version and then restoring chipless after testing.
  12. Good day. Please, try reupload chipless firmware in the service mode first.
  13. Good day. Unfortunately, I do not have exact solution, you may want to clean printer head and change inks, also if you are using CISS, make sure that it is installed according to the instruction.
  14. Good day. Please, try to execute cleaning from WICReset, also in the WIC press report button and post screenshot with data here.
  15. Good day. Firmware has been updated, plese, read this: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80627-activation-error-epson-wf-3720/
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