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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Printer status is .. disconnected to C.I.S.S , does this matter ?? or the firmware problem? Good day. Please, explain, what do you mean by that.
  2. Install WICReset, enable advanced functions in the settings, read printer's eeprom and post it here.
  3. Good day. According to our data you purchased adjustment program for SC-P5000, as you may know we did not write this application and received it "as is", so we can not fix any issues that virus detection software may have with it. That siad, before puttig this program on the site, we run it from the virtual environment with the monitoring software and did not detect any unexpected activity, there was no network traffic at all and the only files that was written to the disk are those that required for application to run. Of course, your caution is understandable, if you still have doubts you may want to run this program from virtual environment so any changes will be isolated from you real system.
  4. Good day. You need to install firmware in the normal mode. First, if the error on your screenshot is constantly present, install the latest version of the firmware from official site and check if it's resolved. Once you can work with the printer normally, use this guide to install the firmware: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-faq-_-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/ Among other things, you need to make sure that USB connection is enabled in the settings and that no third-party application or service is interferes with the process.
  5. Good day. Thanks for bringing attention to this issue, next release will contain armor profile, meanwhile I will update installation instructions with this information.
  6. Good day. Please, reinstall the driver and make sure that you are not using limited account. If this does not help, you can use WICReset to disable epson processes: You will need to download and install WICReset then start it as administrator and select in the main menu `Support` > `Disable processes`.
  7. You version of the firmware is already the same as the most earlier we have, updating will not change anything, are you sure that your cartridges are actually blocked by firmware update?
  8. Can you login under account that has administrator rights or create one if it is not available? This might be the actuall problem with low level access is not allowed for limited user account.
  9. You don't need to connect to the global internet to find the printer as long as VM and printer is in the same local network, your screenshot from WIC shows network connection via IP, but not USB connection. Next thing to check is that generic windows driver called "USB printing support" is installed for the device in the device manager.
  10. On the last screenshot printer is available via Wi-Fi only which means that WIC does not see USB connection either, futhermore the ports tab in the printer's properties window will show the port even if the printer itself is offline. Please, show how printer's port is recognized in the windows device manager or in the usb view (microsoft tool for usb enumeration available online).
  11. 1. Did you already updated the printer with chipless firmware? Did you use usb connection for this or Wi-Fi? 2. Please, run wicreset and microsoft's usbview inside the same virtual machine and confirm that printer is recognized by them.
  12. It should work, first try to upload chipless firmware and buy the key only if it is uploaded according to the instructions (please, read the topic in my signature for nuances).
  13. Please, explain in detail what exactly did you do, where you get wrong eeprom from?
  14. Good day. Can you contact me directly? I will send contacts in PM.
  15. Good day. I received your report and unfortunately our firmware is incompatible with your device. SP1430 series is one of the very few models that has two incompatible lines of firmware, one uses AO prefix and another AA prefix.
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