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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Added support for EC-C7000 with firmware downgrade option, earliest firmware we have for this device is CD20KA (20/10/2020).
  2. I got the report, I will write here when there are will be any results.
  3. You can always stop the process via task manager directly or use `support >> disable processes` from the WICReset menu.
  4. What firmware version you currently have on the printer and what official version you are using for recovery. Also, are you updating the printer in the normal mode or service mode?
  5. What exactly happens when you try to update the printer with recovery firmware?
  6. Are you using WICReset or adjustment program? Please, send screenshot.
  7. WICReset has the ability to change region data for some models, this will affect a lot of settings including available languages, default paper size and others. Here is how you can do it: 1. Enable advanced functions in the settings: 2. Save printer's EEPROM before changing region: 3. Select region from the `initialization and conversion` list and press execute: 4. Carefully read and confirm all warning messages: 5. Restart the printer. Important! If you have any problems with the new region then restore EEPROM data that has been saved during step 2 back to the printer.
  8. When you revert to the official firmware now do you still have this problem?
  9. Good day. Chipless firmware does not have any code that stops ink flow at all, do you have the same problem with blue when using official firmware?
  10. If you saved recovery code, try to revert to the official firmware first and check the results.
  11. Printer with chipless firmware should work even without IC, either firmware has not been succesfully uploaded/activated or official firmware was automatically installed afterwards. Please, make sure that printer has correct version of the firmware and restore chipless mode with recovery key if necessary.
  12. Did you also disable firmware updates in the driver settings? https://www.wic.support/how-to-disable-automatic-firmware-updates-on-epson-printers/ Also try to install software updater, disable automatic updates here and then uninstall it again.
  13. What is shown on the printer when you do not have any ink cartridges installed?
  14. Good day, are you sure that you do not have epson software updater installed and autoupdate is disabled in the driver settings? As far as I know this printer does not support autoupdate by itself, but if you have corresponding epson software it can update the printer even via Wi-Fi connection.
  15. Please, send a photo of the printer's menu and example of printing quality.
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