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  1. Chipless firmware is available for WF-3720, but not for the WF-2830. Supported models - https://chiplesssolutions.com/buy.shtml
  2. Those printers has a chip on the maintenance box. You can only reset auxiliary counter for the pad under printhead. This option is avaialble under additional functions that you can enable in the settings, but if main counter is overflowed printer will still be blocked until you replace maintenance box.
  3. When you say it does not turn on at all you mean it does not react on power button in any way or it shows recovery mode? In the first case you need to bring the printer to the service center. In the second case you can restore it by flushing latest official firmware first.
  4. Download link has been fixed on the page. The correct link is: https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/chipless/XP640_FWG141TL_NK23I2_NK99Z9.zip
  5. Good day. This particular error means that the key is mistyped, please, try to input it manually again and make sure that any ambiguous symbols are correct. If you will still have a poblem after this, send me you contact information in the PM (skype,telegram) and I will try to connect remotely and solve this myself.
  6. Most likely you are trying to use old version of the firmware with the key for license.exe, please, read this: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/
  7. herson, please, read this: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/ for current links and instructions.
  8. Please, write the order number and email you used for purchase.
  9. If device printed nozzle pattern during this period then problem was not waste overflow. What is the current printer status in WIC? Did you tried to plug the printer to the different port then reinstall printer's driver and printing software? Also thanks for the find, we will fix trial reset for this model shortly.
  10. Good day. You need to update the printer in the normal mode. Please, read this: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/ also yoou need to use latest version of the license.exe
  11. Good day. Chipless firmware has version AT13H6. Please, follow this guide step by step: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/
  12. Good day. This error (0x791A) means: X-Hot detection error during flushing. Head thermistor detects abnormal temperature. Possible causes: Printer head failure. Main board failure.
  13. Make sure that you are using latest version of the activation software: http://chiplesssolutions.com/download/License.zip
  14. During the firmware update internet connection is not required, during the activation process PC must be connected to the internet, it does not matter if printer is connected as well or not.
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