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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Good day. Those models use different firmware versions. Changin EEPROM will not accomplish anything and printer will not allow to flush firmware with different signature by software means. Your best bet is probably to remove chips from the motherboard and flush firmware dump with programmer (not firmware file that distributed with the updater, it has different format).
  2. Either firware was not uploaded or there is something that prevents normal communication with the printer. Please, read this topic first: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-faq-_-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/
  3. Good day. AR1273 is very old firmware and was made way before epson started blocking ciss with updates, downgrade most likely will not help in your case.
  4. Did you mean Initial settings or "Initial Charge"? If it is the first then ink levels should not have any effect on the outcome, but if you actually mean Initial Charge then you need 60% or more ink level for all of the colours before you can run it.
  5. EEPROM file is a memory dump from the printer where printer's settings are stored. You can upload it using WICReset.
  6. Good day. Please, read this: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/81509-query-is-rejected/ Also, if possible try to reset via USB.
  7. It is no secret that in recent years, Epson has a tendency to bring trouble to the users under the guise of updates, particularly printer firmware updates. The next step in this direction was the replacement of some communication protocol specifications for a number of models, which makes waste reset and working with the printer via WIC when using Wi-Fi impossible. The main symptom that indicates the presence of this problem is the message "Query is rejected" when trying to perform any operation, including waste reset, as well as the firmware from the 2023 year or later (fifth letter is either N or O in the firmware name, for example CB10NB). At the moment those models are affected: L3250 (ET-2400 ET-2810) L3260 (ET-2800 ET-2820) L4260 (ET-2850) WF-7820 WF-7830 WF-7840 The only solution is to either use USB connection or to downgrade the firmware to an earlier version. WIC provides a number of free 2022 firmware versions for the models from the list. To perform the downgrade you need to do the following: 1. Start WIC and unfold "Firmware Update" section (printer must be connected via USB). 2. From the list of firmwares select newest version available: 3. Press "Update" button to the right of the list and follow the instructions: Once firmware downgrade is succesfully finished, printer should work normally with the WIC.
  8. This is the list of all supported models, PX5V2 is there along with the P600: https://chiplesssolutions.com/support.shtml Also, I never heard about a single printer that was locked to a particular OS, let alone to a specific regional version. This is most likely some sort of marketing ploy.
  9. Good day. They use same firmware, different settings such as default language, displayed model name, default paper size and so on are controlled via various flags in the eeprom. As for the second question, as far as I know any printer will work with any version of the windows as long as there is a driver available and discribed limitations do not exist. Can you show where is says otherwise?
  10. If you are sure that cartridges are compatible and there is no damage on the head then the problem is with the motherboard and unfortunately, I cannot help with that, you can try to bypass cartridge chips entirely by installing chipless firmware.
  11. Both SC-PX3V and SC-PX7V2 support chipless firmware, however SC-PX1V and SC-PX1VL are not.
  12. Good day. In order to disable this mode and return to the normal state you need to upload eeprom from the working device with WIC, like the one attached to this post, unfortunately, this will not help to recognize the ink cartriges but you may also install chipless firmware to bypass the problem altoghether. That said there are might be other hardware problems that will only become apparent after printer completed initialization routine so I can't guarrantee that it will work in the end. XP-442 445_not_initialized.zip
  13. It is true only for models that use the same firmware as their western analogues, most of the time you can tell by the first two letters in the firmare version, if they are the same and models are from the same generation and look similar then more likely than not it will work. Sometimes firmware prefixes are reused by Epson, but usually only when there are several decades between the series. SC-PX5VII is supported, for any other models you need to ask specifically.
  14. Is seems that this firmware version is blocked, you can try to update the printer in the recovery mode, please, read more here: https://forum.2manuals.com/index.php?/topic/80765-faq-_-how-to-update-and-activate-chipless-firmware-complete-guide/&tab=comments#comment-87421
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