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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Yes, you will need mostly full cartridges to perform this, also it will waste a lot of those inks.
  2. Good day. I can connect to you remotely and check the process myself. If you ok with that I will send contact information in the PM.
  3. Good day. I`m not sure about this model specifically, but I have seen very similar problem in the past with the different printer and the treshhold there was 60%. When you get an error about unrecognised cartridges does it only affect colors under some level or all of them?
  4. Good day. Did you do any modification to the printer? Like replacing a motherboard or chips? Did you get 10092 error the very first time when you tried to activate it? Can you remember date and time when you try to do it first?
  5. Good day. Key is restored, please, try again in the service mode (instructions in the maain interface) and write the results, also send me current version of the firmware, screenshots in your post are too small to read.
  6. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reset waste counters on ET-3750 by software, printer has a chip on the maintenance box.
  7. are you using the latest version of the app? please, post a screenshot.
  8. Does the printer works with current cartridges in the cases other than initial filling? I know that setup cartridges can only be used for first charge but I never encountered models where it was other way around.
  9. Unfortunately, the fact that this printer is working directly via LAN connection is the main problem, it does not use the same protocols as other epson devices with network capabilities and we do not have this printer at hand themselves, but we need it to try to add support. If you are not able to provide remote access then I could not do anything this time. As for the usb connection, I wasn't aware that printer was build this way, but I doubt that even if you managed to succesfully connect it via usb it will support all required service protocols in order to do the reset.
  10. Good day. We can try with remote connection if you have time and willing to provide the printer, if you are interested, I will send contact details in the PM.
  11. Good day. Unfortunately, I don't have required information to tell one way or another as it was not tested by us, but other than skipping ink level check, printer should behave exactly as one with the official firmware.
  12. Good day. Please, describe your problem in more detail. How many printers do you have? Are they all use the same chipless firmware? Does the printer that didn't have this problem have a different version? Did you try to install the official firmware back and check if the problem is still there? Also, it seems that the embedded video is missing.
  13. Good day. Can WICReset detect the printer when it is connected via usb? Is there are any device present in the device manager?
  14. Please, disconnect USB cable, restart the printer, connect it to the PC again, start status monitor from the driver and wait, until it shows printer's status. After this, disable status monitor and check the report in WIC, if it will work, try to activate firmware again.
  15. Good day. We can add support for this series using your printer and reset it in the process, if you are interested, I will send you contact information in the PM. As for the service mode, we do not have this model but presumably you need to press the area on the LCD where stop button is normally shown.
  16. Try to print colour test pattern from WIC (in the main interface in testing group select colour test from the drop down list) and write the results.
  17. Please, describe what exactly is happening, is there any errors shown?
  18. If I understand correctly, you mean link to the guide? If so, then it is not the part of the post, it's in the signature and not related to your issue.
  19. Barring some unexpected anomalous behaviour, writing same version of the firmware will do nothing and nothing will be changed. If you have access to another R3000 then copying eeprom from that printer to yours may or may not help but even if it will help it will remove every printer specific option on the device.
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