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  1. Posted on February 7 Have a nice day. Have you tried this: "Please install the latest official version of the firmware, then replace / reset the maintenance box, and after this, restore the chipless firmware and re-enable using the recovery code." How to get the recovery code i got two keys i wasted help me help
  2. @wic.support I'm soft developer, I have 15 years of experience in this let me explain exactly the relevant information: Once the ChiplesFirmware is installed, cartridges are properly hacked. With ChiplessFirmware the maintenence box continues decreasing, It would not be a problem since I have the hard reset for that. With ChiplessFirmware once the box is full of waste, it gives you the error message and blocks the printer until you change the box (standard behavior). Even you change the box or restart the printer without box installed it still request for a new box, It doesn't even detect that there is no box at all. Once you switch back to original firmware, the box is recognized and showing the proper level for it, also detecting whenever you don't have a box in it. When you apply the ChiplessFirmware again it starts behaving the same. The "box counter" when you install the ChiplessFirmware keeps the same as before installing the Chipless firmware, if it's restarted with the original firmware it will be kept restarted but continues decreasing the counter. My impression is that chip reader is disabled, the internal counter works as always and because of the chip reader is disabled it's not detecting whatever the tank's chip has stored not allowing you change or reset the maintenance tank information on the printer. Solutions could be: restore the chip reader for the tank or make the counter not decreasing as it's on the WF-6090 Chipless solution. I will need to install a new chipless firmware for other printer, can I get back the extra key I used for this so I can install the chipless Firmware in the new machine I have? Thanks!
  3. ben dede aynı sorun var düzelten varmı I have the same problem in me help hdizlet@gmail.com
  4. lütfen yardım edin epson wf 6090 firmware yükledim atık kutu bitti diyor yeni takıyorum görmüyor bellenim aldım yükledim ama acil durum edin https://www.2manuals.com/ burdan aldım hdizlet@gmail.com please help me I installed epson wf 6090 firmware the waste bin is finished, I am just wearing it I got it firmware, I loaded it but make it urgent https://www.2manuals.com/ I got it from here
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