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I have an EPSON XP-760 which I have left idle for a few weeks, since I removed the CISS, I temporarily placed some SETUP cartridges, now or refilled the CISS, the cartridges were accepted, but the printer always returned "is Printing"'.
I can't get it printed anymore.
Even if I turn off the power, when I turn it back on it does the same.
It is connected to the computer as a local printer via IP port.

Do you have any solutions

Greetings to all and thanks


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Computer replaced
Used USB cable ... nothing to do.
Through the 'Status Monitor' I can pause it, but when I send it 'resume' it always remains 'in printing' ...
I will try to update the firmware, although you may have problems with the CISS.
The next step will be the trash can
In any case Thanks

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