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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Downgrade firmware for Epson 1400 Failed

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First I bought waste pad reset key for Epson SP1400, everything is reset ok but after restart printer I have got info that waste pad is full again. I decide to buy downgrade firmware key on September 11 and start downgrade with WIC utility. During starting computer suddenly shut off. After restart the downgrading procedure started again and got the message successfully updated. Printer restarted and I have same firmware before downgrading process.  Tried to do downgrade again but I have got an message that is key already used. Now I'm stuck. My printer is on old firmware and with full waste ink pad counter. I spent 30 dollars for it and trying to contact 2manuals.com to resolve it but without success. So i will try with forum site. I attached error message after latest try. 

P.S. I never have troubles with 2manuals.com before. 






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