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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Epson WF-7820, WF-7840, WF-7845 Chipless Firmware

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How to install Epson WF-7820, WF-7840, WF-7845 Chipless Firmware?

To install Chipless Firmware to Epson WF-7820, WF-7840, WF-7845 printers, You have reprogram 2 chips on printers main board.
You can buy 2 bin files here - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=2013

These bin files will enable you to make your Epson WF-7820, WF-7840, WF-7845 chipless for ink cartridges chips only.
You have to be a trained technician who knows how to work with reprogrammers, as you will need to desolder 2 IC chips and reprogram them, and then solder them back onto the printer board.

Once you have modified your printer to a chipless version, your printer will be defined as L15150 or ET-16600 and will no longer ask for cartridge replacement. Install printer drivers L15150 or ET-16600 and Your printer is ready to work.

P.S. Feedback from our customer:
the video is with the rt809f programmer, but it did not work on the w25q512jv chip
in fact there are 2 chips to program. w25q128 and w25q512. the former is programmable with most programmers supporting chips up to 256MB. like the famous CH341a. but only the rt809H in my case managed to program the flat 512 chip
Video - 


2023-06-18 11.37.28.jpg  2023-06-18 11.37.46.jpg

2023-06-18 11.37.35.jpg 2023-06-18 11.37.41.jpg







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Dear John,


I bougth the files and they work very good but I have troubles with 2 main boards, after re installed the printer sends an error. One sends paper jamed and the another sends ADF obstruction. Do you know how can I solve these problems? I re installed bin files twice without succes. Best regards

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