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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

I bought a firmware KEY doesn't work

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I bought a firmware KEY

32128C8C5F5A???? (?Hidden code)
But just downgrading doesn't work

The XP-202 machine does firmware update under the condition that the original ink cartridge is installed and the machine is turned on normally.
WIC has a prompt that the software has been sent to the printer,
But after waiting for a long time, the machine restarted, and the firmware version did not change
please help

I don't know where to contact your customer service,
There is also a message on FB, but no reply so far



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Good day. Key is restored, please, try again in the service mode (instructions in the maain interface) and write the results, also send me current version of the firmware, screenshots in your post are too small to read.

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