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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Epson ET 4750 (known also as L6190) stuck in "Printer Inspection mode" please help

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Hello, everyone!

I had received two heaviliy clogged Epson ET-4750 -s (known also as L6190 in some parts of world) printers from Germany. First one was not printing at all, second one prints only black.

I wanted to replace ET2720 with which I am very happy 3 years (installed outer waste ink bottle) but wanted to replace it only for the lack of ADF and automatic duplex.

I was physically trying to unclog the first ET-4750 (like shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkiUcoywbd )

But after 4 power cleanings pages still came out completely white an the capacity of the brand new bought maintenance box was nearly its end so I was going the method shown above, then a few hours of struggle it started printing very badly in color but still not in black, and the moment I was going to detach printerhead to clean it off the printer it went into this Fax testing mode and then on next day it booted into printer inspection mode.

What I did since then:
- downloaded Recovery firmware from epson.com (available only there, not in eposon.co.uk or Epson.de or epson.bg) to try to reflash it but unfortunately at step 5 the setup doesn't recognize the machine connected to the PC via USB cable (the second machine which starts normal is recognized via the same cable and it says it will downgrade instead of upgrade firmware). Firmwares on both machines are the same.
- I tried to install the drivers and Epson printer package for ET 4750, at the step where it asks to connect the printer and choose between Ethernet, USB cables and WiFi, I choose USB cable and it recognizes it and goes to next step of setup, so it is recognized via USB cable, but not via the recovery firmware. WIC utility also recognizes it as 4750.
- I have backed up the EEPROM from the working machine and tried to restore it on the faulty one via Wic reset utility v5.90 but no matter what I try to do on the faulty printer Wic utility goes not responding until I unplug the USB cable or turn off the printer.
- there is a Printer Adjustment program for this model here:
But I am not sure it will work in restoring the EEPROM from the other machine on the faulty one as WIC reset utility already went not responding a few times trying to do it. I don't know any other way to reflash the EEPROM, you tell me if you know one please! I am newbie in reflashing printer firmwares.
Lisa, the chat support of 2manuals told me to go to Epson service center instead of everything else. Epson phone Hotline is useless, they care only about the the serial number and my name, they were most important then they simply sent me to service center, no help from them. From the service center they told me after everything I've tried the bill to replace motherboard, clogged printer head and do some software settings installations will be over 400 Euro, which is ridiculous like the price of a new machine. They also told me cleaning the print head is non effective and with a temporary effect, sometimes after it is getting even worse.  
- there is some solution particularly for going out of printer inspection mode at:
But Lisa the chat support didn't explain me how it works and I was unable to find the option to leave inspection mode in WIC reset utility v5.90. Maybe the option was available in earlier version of Wic reset utility which I don't have? 
- There is a video from Kevin from BCH here:
for the ET 15000 model that looks very similar to ET4750 explaining that there is some 5 digit code that if you know and enter in the screen  with "up", "shift" and "fin" on it it may recover your printer back to normal but I don't have this code and Epson phone support said it doesn't work on my model.
Kevin also says the EEPROM of this model ET 15000 is reflashed only taken off the printer. Is it the same for ET 4750?
The local Bulgarian service center didn't tell me anything about reflashing the EEPROM, they said in a situation where printer loses connectivity like mine they directly replace the motherboard.
So is there any solution for me different than disposing this machine? How may I reflash the EEPROM or get the printer out of  inspection mode?
Do you also have any working solution of heavily clogged ET 4750?
Thanks in advance to everyone giving me some working solution!
PS:Btw the power cleaning option of WIC reset utility was also unable to make the second ET 4750 print more than the page in black on the last image. So does the Printer adjusment program reach better results regarding cleaning and writing/restoring EEPROMs on faulty machines than the Wic reset utility?
I am expecting a resetter for maintenance box for this model to be able to use regularly the cleaning options of the machine, but if I don't manage to make at least one of this machines work it will be useless spent money. 








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Does anybody know from where I can buy a newer than 1.0.0 version of the Epson Adjustment program for ET4750?

There is an "Epson L4260 Error PRINTER MODE - Solucion 2023 Adjustment Programa Update Ver.1.0.4" video on YouTube. 

But the uploader of the video didn't tell me if he can supply newer version for my printer.

In this 1.0.4. version obviously the Leave inspection mode function is already implemented, but on the 1.0.0 version, sold on 2manuals.com for my ET 4750 there is still no such option.

So is there a newer version of this service tool for ET 4750 available sowhere? Thanks in advance!

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The guy at orpys.com https://orpys.com solved my problem remotely via TeamViewer for only 15USD and for 15 minutes! And now my printer starts normally again.

This guy is truly amazing! He offers a lot of adjprograms and repair services. You can check it yourself. I contacted him on WhatsApp and payed via PayPal.

And what turned out - Epson  Bulgarian authorized service were asking me for over 400 Euro for replacing the main board, and as I thought, the problem was not the main board.

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