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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hello, i want to buy epson sp 1390 adjustment programme, but before then, i want to be sure whether it does reset waiste ink counter
  2. I successfully did it using a different method, i think i was not patnt to wait printer to restat. I was pressing the ok button to force restart. Thanks alot @john.
  3. thanks alot. worked fine with eeprom from another printer. the writing of initial settings is not active with tje adjustment programme am using. i dont know why
  4. thank you for your reply. how ever i realized the printer board is et 16500 model. is it possible to make the board start reading L1455 ?
  5. my epson printer L1455 main board got spoilt, then i bought another one. the one i bought is recognized as Et 16500 series, but it starts in inspection mode, what can i do for the printer to start normally to start working again
  6. how can you make px660 chipless?
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