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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. I think some people are going throgh alot of trouble with epson wf-5790 that are activated to chipless mode . I have met two printers now whose nozzles disapear comoletely no matter how many times you do head clean or the so called inkcharge. I did initial ink charge, i did ink eject only to fill 5 maintainance boxes, one of the printer miraculously got healed after leaving it like a whole week, but i have another that is a complete strange behaviour. One of the observation is that the maintainance box gets filled with cyan ink instead of all colors. I say si because the white foams are blueish rather than black. Again, in these several cleaning cycles, cyan tank got empty while the other colors Magenta black and yellow are still at the same ink level. Who has got a solution for these printers.?
  2. Can you clarify the compatibility of your binary files with wf-7830
  3. Hello readers and forum techs, i have an epson wf-7830 printer that has given 2 weeks of headache now. I will try my best to describe the genesis of everything. Initially the printer was installed with ciss and worked perfect. But during transportation, ink spill in the printer head contacts with fcc cable. Few visible burns were present. But i trimmed the fcc and cleaned the printer head contacts. Ofcourse the fuse in the board was broken and i replaced it with another fuse. However by the time the printer was brought fo me, the fuse had been looped. I removed the loop and put a good fuse. Now when i connected back everything, the printer goes on in several different ways. First, it opens in printer inspection mode, there is a list of the inspections. After i tried all of them, an error 031006 appears. Indicating that fuse is broken but in actual sense the fuse is not broken. The below image 001 shows how the printer screen appears . Secondly, the printer may as well come on with a screen for fax test mode as in image 1 then after a short while the screen turns to as shown in image 2. With a warning to press on button then a red screen appears saying flag check. Initial flag off and inspection flag on as shown in figure 3. My 2 geatest concerns here are the error code 031006 which signifies fuse is open and is not. I removed same head and installed in epson wf 3820, which appears to be the A4 version of wf-7830, and finished all initial checks to home screen and ready to print. So apart from fuse, ffc cables and head, or main board, what else could cause error 031006? Point to note is that when i turn on the printer in service mode, and select special inspection, the error that comes is 031004, but normal mode or normal inspection brings the 031006 error. Secondly, could lal this trouble be caused by failure of the printer not being initialized, then how do you initialize, i have failed all attempts to get its firmware online. And the firmware displayed by wic tool is CB03L8. Please members assist me how i can have this printer working again. Thanks in advance.
  4. @john admin, please confirm to me whether copying my L15150 eeprom chips using my tl866 programmer will work if i programme the same in wf 7840,
  5. In this case mr John, can you confirm that epson wf 7820 and epson ET5800, L16500, ET16600, Et 16650, have a relationship similar to the one that existed between epson wf 7620, epson L1455 and epson et 16500. All those 3 were same printer different regions. But could share firmware. In the case you confirm so, then the result for wf 7820 gets unpuzzled faster than you imagine. Please
  6. I have a epson wf 7610. The printerhead is new, nozzle cha k is perfect, encoder strip is clean. Why does it print with double image as shown in the attachment below




  7. Hello, i want to buy epson sp 1390 adjustment programme, but before then, i want to be sure whether it does reset waiste ink counter
  8. I successfully did it using a different method, i think i was not patnt to wait printer to restat. I was pressing the ok button to force restart. Thanks alot @john.
  9. thanks alot. worked fine with eeprom from another printer. the writing of initial settings is not active with tje adjustment programme am using. i dont know why
  10. thank you for your reply. how ever i realized the printer board is et 16500 model. is it possible to make the board start reading L1455 ?
  11. my epson printer L1455 main board got spoilt, then i bought another one. the one i bought is recognized as Et 16500 series, but it starts in inspection mode, what can i do for the printer to start normally to start working again
  12. how can you make px660 chipless?
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