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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware

Epson WF-C5290 Epson Printer ROM - Program Update Mode

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Hello Admin,

Is there a way to exit "Program Update Mode" I performed several Firmware Update - the old, the latest FW from Epson support website and the chipless firmware- but of no luck, I got the same status when I turn on the printer "Program Update Mode".

This is what I've done from this LCD screen every time I turned on the printer


USB port detected on WIC software



but not on Firmware Update software



but if I press STOP+Arrow Down+Arrow Left+Power button the Firmware Software able to detect the USB port









then I can continue with the Firmware update

after finishing the update, this screen appeared with all lights blinking, then back to the start




I also tried the recovery mode, that perform unplugging of power cable to corrupt the file written on the motherboard. same result


What should I do to recover my printer to work again.


Thank you in advance!!!



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same error even if I used different usb data cable half a meter size, I also try to run WIC Reset in Administrator mode, same with the Firmware Update software


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I also encountered the same problem as the author with my WF-C5290.

Epson Printer ROM - Program Update Mode appears on the screen.

No matter which method is used, the machine will display like this when it is turned on.

I wonder if the theme author has solved the problem???

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Not yet, I've tried all possible solution, still the same problem.

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Finally the usb detected on normal mode with the screen printer display - Epson device rom program update mode -

I installed Epson  Software Updater and the time it connect and try to update the software I checked if the Firmware update software could detect the printer - it does.\

How ever the prior problem still exist. I'd try to update firmware to solve this problem.    



with this report on wic software



i restored the recovery key for chipless firmware successfuly


i noticed that this occur more frequently, sometimes the printer run smoothly 

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