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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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    I am interested in chipless firmware for this machine also. What is the hold up?
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    Worked to return things to normal! The recovery option can be found in settings. stumble guys
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    Hello, I tried a firmware downgrade instead of disabled ink firmware (that bricked my previous printer), the process went through without errors, printer restarted but no firmware downgrade was made. Printer still has factory firmware, which is DG03K7 - 03/07/2020. Can someone help me here? I've already spent $40 trying to make my printer chipless with no luck. FYI, my orders were #24072262 and #24789104. Thank you!
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    On the last screenshot printer is available via Wi-Fi only which means that WIC does not see USB connection either, futhermore the ports tab in the printer's properties window will show the port even if the printer itself is offline. Please, show how printer's port is recognized in the windows device manager or in the usb view (microsoft tool for usb enumeration available online).
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    AFAIK, you will need to update to official EPSON firmware for the printer to recognize new maintenance box and then, when installing chipless firmware again, it will ask you for a new key. So you only need one new key. You will need one key each time you want to upload chipless firmware to the printer.
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    Still no chipless firmware on this model? Its been 2 years of waiting. Thanks
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    We have updated WIC Reset Utility and added new models: EC-4020 EC-4030 EC-4040 EC-C110 EC-C7000 Series EP-982A3 ET-16150 ET-16650 ET-16680 ET-3700 ET-3710 ET-3750 ET-3760 ET-3800 ET-3830 ET-3850 ET-4750 ET-4760 ET-4850 ET-5800 ET-5850 ET-5880 ET-7700 ET-7750 ET-8500 EW-452A EW-M530F EW-M630T EW-M634T EW-M670FT EW-M674FT EW-M770T EW-M873T EW-M970A3T L11160 L15160 L15180 L6160/L6161/L6168 L6170/L6171/L6178 L6190/L6191/L6198 L6266/L6268/L6269 L6276/L6278/L6279 L6296/L6298/L6299 L6550/L6551/L6558 L6570 L6580 L7160 L7180 L8160 PX-205 PX-605F PX-675F PX-M5040F PX-M5041F PX-M5080F PX-M5081F PX-M6010F PX-M6011F PX-M6712FT PX-M740F PX-M741F PX-M780F PX-M781F PX-M791FT PX-S06 PX-S5040 PX-S5080 PX-S6710T SC-P700 SC-P708 SC-P900 SC-P908 SC-PX1V SC-PX1VL ST-C8000 ST-C8090 WF-110 WF-2810/2811/2815 WF-2830/2831/2835 WF-2850/2851/2855 WF-2860/2861/2865 WF-2880/2881/2885 WF-3010/3011/3012 WF-3510/3511/3512 WF-3520/3521/3522 WF-3530/3531/3532 WF-3540/3541/3542 WF-3620/3621/3622 WF-3640/3641/3642 WF-4720/4725 WF-4730/4735 WF-4740/4745 WF-7110 WF-7111 WF-7115 WF-7210 WF-7211 WF-7215 WF-7610 WF-7611 WF-7615 WF-7620 WF-7621 WF-7625 WF-7710 WF-7715 WF-7720 WF-7725 WF-7820 WF-7828 WF-7840 WF-7848 Workforce ST-3000 Workforce ST-4000 Workforce ST-5000 Workforce ST-7000 XP-3100 XP-3101 XP-3105 XP-4100 XP-4101 XP-4105 XP-5100 XP-5101 XP-5105 XP-6100 XP-970 You can see list of available functions Only Change Firmware version requires Firmware Key Other functions can be used Free - including Waste Ink Platen Pad Counter RESET - is free also!
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    Good day. Can you contact me directly, I will send contacts in PM.
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    I would also like to express interest in chipless firmware for the WF-3820
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    wf7820/7840 also in an Epson EC-C7000? Yes
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