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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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    Your Payment has been cancelled by PayPro billing system. Please try once more time. Maybe you have not provided your full and real contact information and they couldnt contact you to be sure payment is done by you.
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    We have sent key to you email please check
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    I just purchased a licence key to make my xp-15000 chipless. Order number: #27009353. I got the key today and went to use it and I am getting the following error: I have checked my firmware version is NWO7k7 7-7-20 Thanks for any assistance,
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    We dont have your recovery code You had to save it after activation chipless irmware As stated in the guide
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    Worked to return things to normal! The recovery option can be found in settings. stumble guys
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    I have a problem with my epson c5290. When I run the "ink charge" in Epson Adjustment Program it tells me "error 20000107" I use windows 10. Any ideas? Thanks!!
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    Here you can see discounts for keys - https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1138
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    If You have paid trough PayPro - please read this topic how to find Your Keys - If You have paid at 2Manuals site - please follow next steps: 1. Log In to your 2manuals account. 2. Got to Your Orders History: 3. You will see the list of Your Orders. 4. To see details of Order You need - click on VIEW button.
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