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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hi i have a problem with chipless XP-440. In my opinion internal color profile for glossy papers is not 100% correct. On both original and chipless firmware printer gives strong blue tint if selected profile is glossy. But everything works just fine if matte profile is selected for glossy papers. Sometimes it becomes a problem because often printer and Epson iPrint don`t allow to select matte paper if it's size is 10x15 i.e. standard photo. I have tested XP-342 with the same ink and paper and everything was just fine with both glossy and matte profiles. In my opinion it might be a mistake in original XP-440 FW which was transferred to chipless one. Do you have a chipless FW for XP-440 based on newer original FW which may be free of this problem? Thanks.
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