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  1. I recently tried to make my XP-342 chipless. I tried to do it in normal mode, and it didn't work. So I tried contacting the live online help and was waiting for over 3 hours without success. I then decided to bite the bullet and buy yet another firmware key to try and do the update in system mode. I got the error message "ROM NOT WRITABLE", and then the printer got stuck in "RECOVERY MODE". After digging around on the forum I came across the message that printers made from 2015 on-wards can't be updated as the EEPROM is not writable. I literally bought this printer brand new today because I wanted a chipless printer...I chose the XP-342 specifically after checking the supported models list....i'm now out of pocket by 2 firmware keys and the cost of the printer which is now completely broken and unresponsive. I've tried the attached program but that doesn't work either - it just says "FILE NOT FOUND" on the printer after it's been uploaded. I've sent an email to the person listed as the seller of the 2 firmware keys I purchased - but considering how disgusting the live chat service was i'm not gonna hold my breath. So, basically I just threw away ВЈ85.76 today and still need to buy yet another printer If anyone knows a way this printer can be fixed before I purchase yet another one, I think I'd have to marry you.
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