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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hi dear, i cant get access to the purchase page to buy activation key for epson wf4720, can you help pls?


  2. hi sir,

    i bought license key for WF3720 on thursday 22 august (#17537347)

    Received registration code by mail, while trying to register with license key, i get an error message:error 10093

    PS: another license key for WF3720 was bought on monday 26 august , (#17568240), same error message while trying to register.



  3. hi, i have same problem, how did you sort it out, can you help pls?
  4. hello sir,

    i am still waiting your reply for   "error 10093 while registering license  key "

    in the meantime i try another purchase for another wf3720, still getting same error.

    please try to help urgently, customers are chasing us.


  5. hello sir, 

    i purchased a license for wf3720 which i received by mail yesterday 22 august 2019.

    while trying to register it , i receive an error, can you please try to help me on this issue.




  6. Please give us some support on how to enter in firmware upgrade mode for WF4720. We already follow your manual instruction for this model but it cannot enter the formware update mode.
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