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  1. Paid for Reset Key & received key but can't download firmware.. link error Https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WF2650_FWE248TL_DP02I2 My ORDER : # 162830
  2. Hi ! I want to use Chipless Firmware with WF-C5710 model. Does this work without chip ? WF-C5710(US) model Support Black XXL (10k ink), But WF-C5710(EU) model does not Support. I want use Epson Black XXL (10k ink) with WF-C5710(EU) model. You said ChiplessFirmware can works even if chip was broken. If so, It can work Black XXL (10k ink) with WF-C5710(EU) model + ChiplessFirmware ? thanks .
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