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Found 3 results

  1. I purchased a key today, and tried following the steps: I've tried flashing the WFC5710_FWG239TL_ZZ99Z9.zip firmware using the original instructions (power off, 4+7+Job/Status), as well as the revised instructions to run it under normal mode. Results: Firmware update mode: Enters mode just fine, displays white text. Says "PRINTER UPDATE MODE", then "CU06" in middle of screen. Upload proceeds, then finishes with "FINISHED, ROM VERSION 16.54.CU26I9, ROM1 FIXSUM D528 , ROM2 FIXSUM 6C60". After this, all lights flash at about 1 second intervals, but unlike guide, pressing the center of the LCD (or anywhere else or any other button) doesn't reboot the printer. I have to pull the plug at this point or pressing the 0 button . Running NoInks updater at this point fails with a message like this "[] ". Trying again with the printer in normal mode, firmware uploads, printer reboots by approx 30-40% on the progress bar. If I let the normal mode firmware updater run all the way to 100%, it finally fails with a message about "firmware not installed" (your printer isn't content check USB cable, WiFi or something like that.) Any ideas to solve my problem ? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi ! I want to use Chipless Firmware with WF-C5710 model. Does this work without chip ? WF-C5710(US) model Support Black XXL (10k ink), But WF-C5710(EU) model does not Support. I want use Epson Black XXL (10k ink) with WF-C5710(EU) model. You said ChiplessFirmware can works even if chip was broken. If so, It can work Black XXL (10k ink) with WF-C5710(EU) model + ChiplessFirmware ? thanks .
  3. I downgrade well my c5710 with chipless software. But after few days, I have this problem of recognition of all the cartridge. I tried to take them off but it still the same. How can i fix that please?
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