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  1. Sorry I don't understand what means : just make the same steps next time
  2. ok thank you it works again. But now the problem, is I didn't save the recovry code, can you send it to me my serial Serial:X3B3005149 ID Code: HeBA4tazPgynniv4XoktWJtatzS5VAb4a6WmLWFmKhrB+Fuy7NNTxSrk0bTiL0YLpP3fCciJ WARCDDVLmWlUjpXTqtpxVdM+WO4eOmSFp87CBTl3LeD3mXqF89vMlg+nhDrI4QND9lOWD7q5 t8JW1+U0zFsktdkj+mhWUDc/TKU=
  3. OK, I put the FRW CU26I9 I didn't disabled
  4. yes the printer download last firmware, how can I fix that please ?
  5. Hi John, I downgrade well my c5710 with whipless software. But after few days, I have this problem of recognition of all the cartridge. I tried to take them off but it still the same. How can i fix that please ? Thank you
  6. Is there a way to activate them again ? I can pay an extra charge
  7. Dear Jonh, I bought 2 keys and I didn't have time to upload them into the printers, now they don't work anymore, can you activate them again please : - order # 178727 GM9YD-P8YGC-DG86G-9QPHF-X2PTJ - order # 179681 CVQHY-8C2M6-QP8Q8-BHYHC-C8DF2 I know that there is a validate date but it was the end of year break, sorry. Best wishes, David
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