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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. mais je n'ai pas la code de recupération lors de l'installation de licence pour l'epson wf-7720, et 2860, que puis-je faire?
  2. this is the licence for epson wf-7720 and wf-2860 that i bought from u Dear, Please use Your Activation Key: CTPT3-T978K-6MD7P-FFPJX-KJ3W2 - use before July 20 Printer epson wf-7720 I buy key activation for epson wf-2860 last week D9Q9X-T3JFM-B7FG2-XFKDM-BVWHC - expiration date - October 10 Regard,
  3. Hello dear, i forget to take the code to restore the licence key that i bought from u. And if i make update the firmware, what can i do to re install again the licence key or i need to buy another licence to make it chipless again regard
  4. hello dear, my problem, the maintenance box can't be reset with chip resetter when i do the chipless on epson wf-7720 and wf-2860 that i bought from u, i use the same maintenance box that i reset with same another printer without chipless and it's work good dear, need ur help as urgent
  5. Dear, ok, thank u so much, i will try to restore, i have the recovery key
  6. Hi dear, the ciss is mounted correctly, i already get off the head and clean with ink cleaner and it's very ok, and but the black color never come, i think the problem is from firmware, the command for black color not correct, already change ink this photo is the test nozzle waiting ur response
  7. Dear, thank u for response, the clean with wic is ok, but black color never come, it write bad same as yellow, cyan and magenta on black nozzle
  8. Dear, I need as urgent ur help, after making chipless my printer epson wf-2860 and activate it with the key that i bought from u D9Q9X-T3JFM-B7FG2-XFKDM-BVWHC The printer can not clean the head, when we use the cleanning head with the printer or with the software, it do nothing and the printing still very bad, Waiting ur response,
  9. Hello dear,

    i need to add my printer wf-2860 to wic,

    how to do? Best regard

  10. dear, i have error 46 on my printer dcp 4110, already do this manual purge already 0000 BUT can not solve the problem, the error persist A – For printers with a number key pad: Type 80 on the keypad to open the options up. Use the down arrow key to scroll through the options until you see Purge followed by a number (this is the clean cycle count) Enter 2783 and the number next to the word PURGE should set to zero Press stop or exit to get back to the maintenance mode menu. Type 99 to exit and restart the printer.
  11. Dear, can u add epson workforce WF-7720dw with wic Regard,
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