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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. license.exe dont show erorr, directly dont read my printers
  2. iam try to run chipless in a XP-2101 , and program dont read my printer
  3. cant read hardware ID on windows 10, y use guide TELNET to chek, clean register like always do on windows 7 nothing of all this work in windows 10
  4. done, thx for support best regards merry christmas and happy new year
  5. have full ink cartidiges when i star update in 71% printer rebot an continius updating, printer status y ready to print when i star update
  6. well the process never stuck on 70-80%, and my printer dont blink never , only rebot one time after 15 sec upload process
  7. error 10094 whith different printer and serial
  8. any one have isues whit activation? mi activations stop on 50%
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