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  1. Hello i hope the admin sees this but i do not know who to contact for a refund since i have not used my key even i wanted to. i have used this service 2 times and thought i was an expert but nope still a noob. I saw on the supported models that my printer was not there workforce 3640 for an activation key but that i was able to buy a firmware key for my model so it was confusing. I bought firmware key but when i used the license app and put firmware key it said that my printer is not supported so i took forever understating this and finally i think i understand. If i got the workforce 3640 it needs to be in only one firmware CB20GC which my printer is in another firmware so it needs to be downgraded I also thought that the firmware key was going to fix this by installing that CB20GC firmware since it says that that occurs during the process of making it chipless So my quesitions are if i can not use the key who do i contact to get refunded and the other question is can i downgrade my workforce 3640 to that firmware? so that the wic reset utility can recognize my printers firmware If you need any proof or pictures let me know forgot to mention that when i go to my 2manuals website like when i check my history for buying the activation keys that my order is not there i still got my conformation info on my email but does not show on my purchase history and i was signed in when i bought the firmware key when i clicked the buy firmware key option from the wic reset utility update nevermind i used the key now since i saw in another forum that a guy put his printer in update mode and use wic app to update his firmware and so i did this and ended up using the key and it updated the firmware for workforce 3640 but once i turn it on i got a 0x9e error so im guessing i mest up the frimware well this sucks 20 bucks just like that in the trash at least i did not buy my printer at full price i got it at goodwill 10 bucks
  2. I bought key for XP 446 it all works happy to have this guy's do all the hard work for us so firstly thank you people But 3 days ago my motherboard died had it 8 years so it was worth it so going to install a new motherboard but remember that I got my printer installed in same motherboard that died so brought up the question what happens if like the title mentions I install the printer that's already chipless in another pc using the original software disc I don't plan to update never and have not done it either when it comes to update the printer using the manufacturer website When I first bought it in the store I made it chipless so again can I install the printer in another pc even thou I'm just going to change the motherboard I got the same hard drive If not can I use the code I was giving in case I updated the printer and messes up the firmware Thank you again for your answers