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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. so,,,, ok, excuse me but I think you have not caught the original question of the first person in this post. In short, that person asks, that if I change the COMPUTER, (when it says motherboard it refers to the one of the computer, NOT of the printer). the printer will no longer work. He believes that the change applied with the activation key, only works on the COMPUTER that was made, and not on the other computers in the house.
  2. so,,,, i seems like those answer are about the printer's motherboard, not the computer's board.... THAT'S CORRECT?
  3. just a second!!! if i made a printer to chipless only works on the PC that i made the "transformation"??? so that seen your answer means,,, and this are not that all we need..... if i do this modification to a printer i wish can be used by my kids, my wife, etc...
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