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  1. Hi thank you fo the help, the recovery mode was now a success. I still need to be put in contact with someone about resetting my key so I can try and flash the no inks firmware now, my printer turns on now though. What is the best way to get in contact with someone to help get this sorted, excited to not buy gloss optimizer.
  2. Hi thanks for the response. I see on the windows version of the software the SC-P400 has been added as a recovery option. However I'm not sure if this is a glitch, it asks for a firmware key to use the recovery mode. When I used this feature last time for different model printer and in your video it does not prompt for key. Is this a bug from recently adding support? On the Mac version of the software there is no prompt for key, however there is also no option for the P400, please advise how to proceed.
  3. My order number is #170204 if that helps reference my purchase
  4. No one will reply to my support emails, my printer is bricked and I need to try and reflash my firmware, please get in touch or I will have to chargeback the transaction been trying to email for 5 days... no response My order ID is Reference Number: 4689F455-5D4D9362-528-12A966
  5. Hi I purchased a firmware key for my Epson SC-P400 to install the no inks firmware. I went ahead and started the process and it started to flash and said it was complete on the computer, however the printer did not respond. After the power light flashing for a few minutes, the trash and ink lights snapped on orange which indicates a firmware error. I can't find any settings in the WIC utility to recover the P400 even in advance mode. There are options for the p600, I need to know how to pull the p400 out of recovery mode and I also need to get in contact with someone to reset my key so I can try to flash my firmware again. The printer is stuck in the MFP-IPL mode and is still able to receive inputs from WIC I just don't have the right recovery files to send to it. Thanks for any help
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