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  1. SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My email system is soooo slow. But I've got the code and my system is up .. Thank You!!! Bill Remick
  2. I've once again combed my email list but NOTHING found for your activation code has come through. Check your records for feedback of it being sent AND RECEIVED.. just set the bit on the email that notifies you of it being read. Bill Remick
  3. I've looked through my "spam" folder and also checked my other email account but nothing is there. It has not gotten through the system. Bill Remick
  4. I've done that and attempted to run the license program but I still am asked for the "activation code". Is this hidden in the "core" file or do I have yet to download it? Bill Remick
  5. I have attempted once again to update my firmware to chipless for my Epson XP-15000. Per information in the "Resources" folder I set my printer in "update" mode and transferred the downloaded "EPFWUPD" file which reflected a change in my firmware to your "20.41.NW2017" version. And per instructions in your "epson firmware updater" program which at the bottom states .. Wait for the printer to turn off automatically. I am showing 100% transfer of "FWG150TL" and per the "resources" file have waited past the 15 minute mark now at 45 minutes. Also I have not recived an "activation" code although you have been in receipt of my payment ... .. now what???
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