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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Hellow Team how are you i have more than 100PCS of 579R for trading after installed the chipless firmware and key, There is some problem and WIFI not working and Lan (net work connection) that means not recognize LAN Please let me know very urgent if you already solved this problem and if update firmware
  2. i reinstalled chipless firmware many times but error not move
  3. error in wf-5799 is 19000 after installed chipless firmware
  4. for more explain about error no: 190000 in epson wf-m5799, I already installed firmware and also installed the code and the code is ok ….. but this 190000 error appears when starting the printers load ink
  5. please let me know how to solve error no: 190000 in epson wf-m5799
  6. how i can solve this error 033001 in epson printer WF-C8690
  7. i would like to ask about the error 033001 in epson wf-c8690?
  8. hi team is there chipless software for epson wf-c529?
  9. How do I change my Epson printer WF-C5710 from english language to Arabic language ? its software is english, its from America
  10. i mean this firmware (HV18J1 version) not suitable with dye ink. i need if there is new firmware which can suitable with dye ink like 5710 for example,
  11. hi John how are you please let me know if there is new update chipless firmware for epson WF-C8690
  12. hi JOHN in WIC the result of search as attached photo,
  13. hi team i have epson printer Wf-c8690 and i already made firmware and chipless code with successfully operation, and i am still not install the original ink cartridges, now i would like to know if i can use dye ink instead of pigment ink?
  14. hi when i am installing the firmware for WF-5710 electricity cut off and not firmware competed , than i switch on again but unfortunately the printer not run on at all , please let me know whats the solution can be make it thank you so much in advance
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