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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. that means we need to know codes status 1-DFDBX-BJG3X-CB283-QB46M-RDG6C 2-BG62F-CBK2H-M8D7V-8MQPX-K7D8K need to know the date which used it and which printer and which serial number of printer
  2. we need to know the information about these 2 chipless codes, DFDBX-BJG3X-CB283-QB46M-RDG6C BG62F-CBK2H-M8D7V-8MQPX-K7D8K
  3. hi when i am installing the firmware for WF-5710 electricity cut off and not firmware competed , than i switch on again but unfortunately the printer not run on at all , please let me know whats the solution can be make it thank you so much in advance
  4. hi team how are you please let me know how i can check the chipless, if not work
  5. hi please let me know if there is new firmware update for 5710/5210 thank you and best regards
  6. about WF-C5210 HOW solution for this error code 1 0X67 could you support about the problem?
  7. HELLOW i would like ask you .... whats deferment between 5710 and 5790 ????
  8. Dear Sir i would like ask you if you have new update frimware for WF-C5210 like a bellow frimware but for WF-C5210 since can not pass through to the activation screen (read failed-1) We have updated firmware - please download it here - https://chiplesssolutions.com/download/WFC5710_FWG239TL_ZZ99Z9.zip
  9. thank you sir .... could we find update chipless firmware without printing problems????
  10. JUST reinstall drivers? ......but when install driver i am afraid the update will lock chipless ..its right?
  11. i have other problem in this wf-c5710........ the problem is sometimes cutting the printing on text and sometimes double printing on same text
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