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  1. For Anyone that has the same problem with me and printer wf-7210 starts only in recovery after firmware downgrade, you have to download the latest firmware and install it. The problem is that Epson website in most countries does not give you the latest firmware and you can not fix it. I found the firmware in http://support.epson.com.tw/i-tech/韌體/FWG537TL_SA12J4.zip and I fixed the printer but I can not downgrade it as the Wicreset says. Is it possible to renew my key of the order 177078 in order to use it in an other printer model ? Thanks
  2. is there a way to fix at least the printer? it is always in recovery......
  3. Last week I bought an Epson wf-7210. I was trying to use CISS and I couldn't because the new firmware does not recognize CISS . I bought with order number 177078 a key for downgrading and started downgrade the firmware. The process took forever so after 3 hours I turned off the printer and powered it on a. It was in the recovery mode. I tried a firmware update from Epson site to fix the printer , but it says recovery mode not writable. Please advice, how I can fix the printer and renew my key of order 177078 to try again with a proper solution.
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