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  1. I see on the WIC Reset software that supports Firmware. So can't use this software?
  2. hello, i have epson wf7210 printer, how can I use firrmware without chip for this printer? I did not see any support for this printer on https://chiplesssolutions.com/buy.shtml.
  3. ok, thanks, worked! Do you have the Activation Key of epson 7210? How much?
  4. hello, my epson wf7710 printer is using a chip-free version (I bought an activation key), but because I accidentally let the printer update the latest firmware version 10.44.FA25JA, the printer says it doesn't accept the toner cartridge now. . I downloaded the firmware downgrade software version A0.40.FA27HC and followed the instructions, but when completed, the screen on the printer still says version 10.44.FA25JA. So the downgrade failed. Please help me downgrade the firmware for epson 7710, thanks.
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