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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Is there any chance yet for workforce pro 4740 chipless firmware? The workforce pro 4720 is slower and has a smaller auto document feeder. Does the Epson firmware for 4740 make the printhead move faster or something else?
  2. It seems like Epson renamed their Workforce Pro series printers from WF-4720, 4730, and 4740 to EC-4020, EC-4030, and EC-4040.. From what I read Epson added some networking abilities and power savings but to me it seems like an attempt to thwart any chipless firmware. Is this true? Or can these new printers be made chipless?
  3. Does the firmware for Epson Workforce Pro 4720 also work for a Workforce Pro 4740. I have a 4740. I was hoping to use refillable cartridges without expensive one time use cartridge chips.
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