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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Here's what happens when I try that. When I click activate online I get this window. As you can see there's nothing in the box behind the window either...should there be? My printer is listed at the top, but it is still showing maintenance error mode on the printer dialog window after downloading firmware and restarting. When I go to network settings, this printer is showing up but is not connected to wifi, just USB to laptop. (if it needs to be connected to wifi, I don't know how to do it since it's stuck in error mode and I can't get to the home screen) Any ideas what now?
  2. what if you can't get to home screen because printer stays in constant error mode due to not recognizing ink cartridges? If the firmware successfully installed, should that message no longer be there?
  3. I'm totally confused that is why!!!!! I don't know where this "click activate online" is??? Where do I find this? It's not in the email? Where? Think ACTIVATE FOR DUMMIES, give me all possible info please because I have no idea what is going on. Please and Thank you!
  4. Another question, at this point does the printer NEED to be connected to wifi? I have the usb connected to my laptop but brought it home from the office to try to work on this issue. Unfortunately, after downloading the firmware it went right back into error mode of not recognizing cartridges so I can't even figure out how to connect it to wifi here at home.
  5. I'm unable to take a screenshot. it just makes a chime noise every time I try. I took a photo and it's too big. sized down and still too big, trying more
  6. I copied and pasted it into the box that said Recovery code, then hit recover button and got the message that recovery code cannot be recognized. AM I trying to put it in the wrong spot? This is all so foreign to me
  7. My Epson wf 3720 printer isn't reckonizings 3rd party nk cartridges after I gave into cx reminder of a firmware updaye....so I purchased the $30 code, downloaded firmware, ran License, tried to enter code and get message that it is not recognized. Now what?
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