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  1. Iam getting communication error 10060 too. Since 5 hours ago. Not able to use any license
  2. I am thinking to try using "WF-4740 (EURO) Epson adjustment program" to initialize printer(USA WF-4740), then test if can recognize EU WF-4740 ARC chip (T35XL)
  3. @John_Admin Could we donate $ for WF-4740 Chipless solution development?
  4. I found out that lastest chipless firmware (XP230_FWE857TL_FO30HA_FO99Z9) is detected by Epson software updater as an older firmware version. It shows Epson software updater This happens when printer is connected by wifi. Firmware and chipless functions work correctly
  5. Thank you. It works as expected with your new chipless firmware MZ99Z9
  6. This is normal mode. Current official firmware installed on printer is newer than chipless firmware, is that the problem?
  7. I got a XP-2101 . Current firmware if official MZ21K2 . It can not receibe chipless firmware MZ01JA
  8. Hello, I want to know if there is any news on development chipless solution for WF-4740 ?
  9. After installing chipless firmware everything works, except that printers does not respond when doing a print head cleaning from epson utility. Same thing happened in 2 different printers, same XP-2101