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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. Order #230472purchased at 2mar 2022D73FC-t2T42-7M2HM-RH92J-HB7BY , use before february 27,2022Received an expired key , cannot be used, please replace new one for epson WF7211
  2. Order Number: 223252Date Ordered: Wednesday, November 10, 2021You have ordered:------------------------------------------------------1 x <b>Activation Key</b> for making Epson WF-C579R, WF-C579RA, WF-C579RB Chipless Printer (for one device only) (CHIP_C579R) = $55.00------------------------------------------------------Total: $55.00Download links:http://2manuals.com/download.php?download_from_mail=true&download_code=Payment Method------------------------------------------------------Credit Card payment. Secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment.If You have problems with downloading please contact us:- by email - sup@2manuals.com- Live Chat - https://www.2manuals.com/livezilla/chat.php
  3. what is the solution for second problem wrong use pattern ??? how to identify if chip changed , so we are not wasting money before purchased the key ??? cos i received email purchased key cannot refund
  4. Order #222897 key sent to me 2 times not working for epson wf c579r , error 10091 i email support , online chat seems to ignored my problem , no reply at all. please fix problem for me
  5. Hi john i update c5290 in firmware update mode and complete 100% but printer wont restart just stuck, in normal mode complete 100% but it show update failed , here is the firmware version costumer support gave me : FWG241TL_ZZ99Z9 Also try to run no ink updater said key not register , costumer service gave 20digits ink key but i saw from no ink manual it should 12digits, which one is correct , now im confused with the system you guys offered, please give me solution.
  6. Hi john i update firmware c5290 in firmware mode update printer wont automatically restart just stuck and i try again in normal mode complete 100% but in the end show failed update, here is the firmware costumer service gave me : FWG241TL_ZZ9Z. Also i tried to run no ink updater said key not register. What i saw from no ink picture key should 12 digit but why costumer service gave 20digits key , im so confused no with the system you guys offer. Please give me solution.
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