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WIC Reset Program and Chipless Firmware


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  1. This saved my from lots of problems. No Ink Maintenance Box worked. Thank you
  2. Hi Guys; I am a newbie and after 2 years of run with my chipless CISS solution i run to a problem. After countless of head cleaning my Ink Maintenance box finally gace up. I am ordering bunch of T6711 Ink Maintenance Tank Box from Amazon but i can not get it working. Finally ordered an original from amazon and working. Can this be something to do with the chip situation. Any workarounds?
  3. I did the ink charge and cleaning Y is back. Sometimes nothing prints at all. C is printing blackish color. Can you please advice.
  4. Hi @wic.support; Solved the errors after inserting a new maintenance box. But it right away filled up %70 of the box on the ink charge. Y is partially back printing C still blackish color. I will get another box tomorrow the one i have is full now after cleaning on the top of the ink charge. I hope this will be a solution. Any tips or should i just do the ink charge?
  5. @John_Admin; Purchase the software getting this error Other I/F is selected. Is this related to maintenance box... As per my previous question is there a way to fix this without replacing the part?
  6. Thanks John; I am going to purchase the software now, i do have few more questions. 1- Can you confirm that my problem can be identified as the air bubble to printhead. If not based on your expertise what might be my solution on this brand new printer. 2- Maintenance Box needs to be replaced right? There is no workaround? Because even with the software to fix the ink problem i can’t use the printer without replacing the box due to touch screen error. Screen With Error: https://ibb.co/mb0CsCn
  7. Hi John; 1-) Should i purchase and use the inkcharge function: https://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1909 on WF-C5790 Print Head is closed there are no cartridges. So i don’t know how to apply above solution. How can i make sure it’s air bubble problem to printhead? 2-) For Waste Ink i maybe did 10 nozzle cleaning is this normal? Seems like the only way is to replace it right? WIC software won’t work for my model of WF-C5790
  8. Hi Guys; I did the Chipless Firmware solution for my Epson WF-C5790 and printed like 300 of the same page by the end of the last 20 pages colors start to fade. Normal: https://ibb.co/YfnN98w Broken: https://ibb.co/4tp2Lg4 I did 4 nozzle cleaning also try replacing original cartridges and did 2 more which filled my maintenance box. Nozzle Cleaning Report: https://ibb.co/MCkHC1j It used to print yellow at the end of the 4th cleaning cycle both Y and C gone... My Questions: 1- Since there is no manual way to clean nozzle is this the air bubble error mentioned in this forum post? Should i try the suggested solution? 2- Regarding Maintenance Box i read that it’s life span is about 50k prints. My printer ask it to be replaced... Is this normal? I already order spare but is there a software solution... It still seems pretty white inside.
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